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Small Business Law

The Lormand Law Firm has organized hundreds of entities in the past sixteen years. In assisting in the success of our business clients, we:

  • Provide analysis for the legal organization of your business based upon your unique circumstances;
  • Organize and register your business entity (whether a corporation, partnership or limited liability company) with the Virginia State Corporation Commission;
  • Provide continuing service as the entity’s registered agent, as required by law;
  • Review and assist in state and local licensing and registration of the business;
  • Ensuring that the business entity continues to provide limited liability to its owners;
  • Provide ongoing legal advice and assistance with the myriad of issues facing business owners, such as: employment law issues (EEOC, workers compensation, federal and state labor laws); collection of receivables; review and drafting of contracts and credit agreements; and
  • Assisting with attaining the proper financing that ongoing business enterprises need.

To assist the success of our small business clients, The Lormand Law Firm partners with other business success and development enterprises. Among them: