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There are at least two different types of divorces: (1) ugly, and (2) not so ugly. We recommend the second variety, which is usually accomplished with the willing cooperation of both parties who have each decided to end the marriage and take the steps necessary to accomplish a divorce.

For “ugly” divorces, the Lormand Law Firm recommends an objective approach. This may be quite difficult to accomplish at first because the couple may be embroiled in a highly charged emotional environment. In these situations, attorneys are often sought after as “hired guns” to “destroy” the other party. This approach is immature, ineffective, and very, very expensive.

The Lormand Law Firm can help you in your divorce by:

  • providing you with legal counseling and guidance for all the issues involved in the divorce process;
  • reviewing the facts of your case so as to render a sound legal opinion regarding your rights and obligations;
  • giving you an honest opinion about your legal position and the comparative value of litigating your case;
  • filing required legal documents on a timely basis with the courts;
    providing aggressive advocacy when required;
  • persistently moving the process forward to final resolution.

The Lormand Law Firm has helped clients get divorced in as short a time as 22 days (our record); but a no-fault divorce, with both parties cooperating, generally can take anywhere from four to eight weeks from the date of hiring the law firm.

Do you really want a divorce?

Have you tried everything in your power to save the marriage? Is there no other choice other than divorce? If you answered “yes” to those questions, the next step is to find an attorney who will help you dissolve the marriage.


If both parties agree that a divorce is certain, then they may be able to agree to negotiate a settlement on issues such as (1) the division of marital property and marital debt, (2) custody, visitation and support of the children, and (3) whether or not spousal support is needed or will be awarded.

Collaborative Law / Mediation

With large issues at stake (e.g., division of property, child custody and support, spousal support), the divorce process may be assisted by a collaborative law process, or by engaging the assistance of a good divorce mediator. Mediation aids in giving the parties some control over the outcome by giving them a chance to compromise on contested issues. It is a reasonable alternative to lengthy and expensive litigation, but requires a good faith effort by both parties to negotiate a fair settlement.